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The origin of the winch
Link: off road winch    2016-06-21
Fromwinch car electric winch really used for the car, starting from the World War II Jeep, the United States after the war, in the open desert battlefield in North Africa, jeep car often into a bunker, or shells pit, plus jeep body cumbersome, very difficult way to rescue! Therefore, the US military began to apply the winch in the car self-help, an... View Details
Electric winch is different from other prominent advantages of the winch is reflected in where?
Link: off road winch    2016-06-12
Fromwinch synthetic rope ATV winch is the most common winch. Rely on the vehicle's own power system to drive the winchAdvantages: in the case of vehicle fire dead normal use (this is its biggest advantage is unmatched by the other winch), especially for the water and more areas have great advantages, simple installation can achieve multi-locati... View Details
Where does the power of the car winch come from?
Link: off road winch    2016-06-06
Fromwinch competition auto Winch is generally only a few horsepower, so how can a small power motor to drag a heavy car or other heavy objects it? Secret on the use of reducer. Even if the motor can only send a small force, but the reducer can be transformed into a powerful force. Different winch manufacturers use this principle is to create a diff... View Details
Fromwinch car electric winch works
Link: recovery winch    2016-06-01
Fromwinch car electric winch works: through external power, into the cable pull, so that the car can not move out of the woods, of course, it can also help the driver to remove obstacles on the road.... View Details
Maintenance of Fromwinch competition car Winch
Link: recovery winch    2016-06-01
Fromwinch electric winch for tower often used in harsh conditions, so the daily use will seriously affect their life. Must not ignore the daily maintenance. For example, if finished after use, the cable like this distortion, be sure to release it and re-wrapped, and then put away. If the winch and cable are dirty, be sure to clean them thoroughly. ... View Details
Car winch is divided into two kinds, one is electric winch, the other is a hydraulic winch.
Link: recovery winch    2016-05-30
Most people will choose Fromwinch electric clutch winch, because relatively speaking, the price to be more affordable, the use of more practical. But also can be used for lifting the role of traction. The electric winch is wire rope series. 2,000-pound-8,000-pound capstan wire rope length of 15 meters, 9500 pounds or more of the specifications of t... View Details
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