off road winch
Winch fixed
1. The winch bottom is fixed on the horizontal fixing plate.2. The Fromwinch car electric winch can also be fixed at the bottom of the vertical fixed plate. If this is the case, it is necessary to place the cable guide opening in the middle of the lower row of screw holes. Installation: First, align the upper row of screw holes of the mounting... View Details
Hydraulic winch pump source selection
Fromwinch electric crane winch, the use of the vehicle comes with hydraulic power steering system or an independent high-pressure pump for its power source winch products. Currently widely used in the conditions of higher requirements of the extreme off-road, fire and road rescue, industrial and commercial towing.Hydraulic power supply source: hydr... View Details
The use of the winch to produce a very bad impact of the object must be completely removed.
The selected anchors must conform to the load on the product to ensure that the strap or chain does not slide.During the operation and installation, the puller straps provided by the manufacturer are always used for the pull-out and retraction of the rope.Always ask the operator and the edge of the person to understand the weight of the vehicle and... View Details
How should we use the Fromwinch 12500lbs electric winch correctly?
There are many types of winchs, such as electric winch, winch using mechanical power of the car engine, and Fromwinch 12500lbs electric winch with hydraulic pump. Off-roaders are most likely to use electric winch, the winch from the car battery to get power to drive the motor, driving the noose. It is very convenient to use, you can stand anyw... View Details
Winch use method
Car off the road is now the next young people fashion entertainment, snow, swamp, desert, where they have not been to, but in these malicious environment, can not be safe and sound. Before they start to prepare enough things, then the Fromwinch electric truck winch is the car's main annex.1, in the mountains over the mountains, the roll is comm... View Details
Winch inside the working mechanism is
Fromwinch 4500lbs electrical winch inside the working mechanism is: from the car to the first power to drive the motor, and then drive the drum wheel rotation, drums and drive the drive shaft, the drive shaft and then drive the planetary gear, and thus produce a strong torque. Then, the torque is transferred back to the drum, the drum will drive th... View Details