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The structure of electric winch and the use of electric winch
2016-11-25 by fromwinch
Fromwinch 12Volt electric winch ATV and DJ type two minimum 907KG to 4300KG, is obtained from the vehicle itself to drive the motor drive noose. This type of Fromwinch portable truck winch is convenient because it can be operated anywhere from the knobs on the remote control. It is the biggest advantage is that as long as the battery power can be used.

Cable fixation: PT screws on the drum, than the general cable way more than a layer of security measures, can effectively prevent the rope off, and has a very good strength and security.
Drum rotation: the structure of the use of planetary gears and transmission directly drive reel, can be easily and easily replace the cable or change the direction of the cable.
Electromagnetic brake: DC electromagnetic brake, the choice of advanced brake pads, brake pads long life. Simple structure does not need to adjust the gap. In case of power failure, the electromagnetic brake automatically brakes immediately, never fall, safe and reliable.
Gear box: ductile cast iron FCD-45 casting, ductility, not easy to break, and then by the CNC computer composite machine processing, high precision, low resistance.
Special motor: E-class insulation, hoisting machine is dedicated motor, starting torque, inertia, can be used frequently for a long time.
Advanced bearings: Selection of the gearbox of the world brand new high-quality bearings, bearing long life, low resistance, low voice rotation.
Rotating teeth: a special special high-grade steel by heat treatment, a solid structure, the internal package to the oil bearing, wear-resistant and durable long life.
Star teeth: gear heat treatment and high-precision machining, has a unique wear resistance, the gears are bearing support, solid indeed, the efficiency of high-intensity gear for several times the general.

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