recovery winch
Winch cable
Usually, Fromwinch car electric winch equipment dedicated aviation grade wire rope, can withstand more than three times the value of the destructive force. Therefore, the replacement of wire rope also need to book the corresponding special products. Cross-country winch wire rope is generally 28-38 meters, which is directly under the conditions of t... View Details
Correctly install the order of the car winch
1, the installation of the car winch: from the box out of the car winch, the car winch chassis down, wire rope forward placed on the installation platform, the platform preset hexagonal screw or trailer at the car winch base hole or groove Slot can be. Install the car winch to the required trailer hook, trailer ball, trailer seat, etc .;2, the inst... View Details
Winch maintenance
Regular maintenance of the winch is necessary. Items include inspection of mounting screws, guide rope, power cord connector, U-shackle, moving pulley loose, rusty or overwork. Check whether the automatic brake and clutch handle are sensitive and effective. Check whether the cable has a crease, burr, in time for the cable filling special lubricants... View Details
How to use Fromwinch electric winch 4x4
First of all, you should check whether the state of the winch is suitable to start working. After using the winch for the first time or replacing the steel cable for the Fromwinch electric towing winch, apply a special grease for the cable to the cable.Unclip the winch clutch (any kind of lever equipment to the OUT position), pull out the cable, us... View Details
Working Principle and Application Method of Off - road Vehicle Winch
Many types of Fromwinch 4500lbs synthetic rope winch, electric winch, the use of automotive engine mechanical power driven winch and winch with hydraulic pump operation, etc., off-road use up to the number of electric winch. Electric winch is obtained from the car itself to drive the motor drive noose. This type of winch is convenient because it ca... View Details
Fromwinch portable truck winch internal work mechanism
Simply put, the working mechanism inside the winch is: the electric power from the car to drive the motor first, and then drive the drum motor rotation, drum and drive the drive shaft, the drive shaft and then drive the planet gear, and then have a strong torque. Subsequently, the torque is transmitted back to the drum, the drum will drive the From... View Details