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What kind of winch safety performance?
2016-11-16 by fromwinch
fromwinch electric towing winch is used in the industry more a small lifting equipment, winch is divided into electric winch and manual winch, they are a class of winch, then what kind of use more secure?

Electric winch is mainly rely on the vehicle's own power system to drive the winch, its biggest advantage is the vehicle in the case of stalling the basic normal use, especially for some of the more difficult areas, such as some water level more areas, simple and can be installed To achieve multi-location installation at the same time can quickly think. But it can not be maintained for a long time, measuring the body of your body to have some limitations, most of the electric winch to provide the driving force is relatively small, and the electric winch to exert force in one direction.
fromwinch 12500lbs electric winch side to take a different model, there are different tonnage, people can buy their own different needs, hand winch is mainly through the use of moving winch drum to pull the object, he has a gear-driven winch rope, Mainly through the rotation around the wire rope to pull the above goods. Today's manual winch comes with a brake. When the winch wire rope pulling the goods, and the reel of the winch to keep moving, then the manual winch brake will automatically start using the safety factor is still relatively high.
For different occasions, different situations on the use of different winch, as the safety manual winch and electric winch safety is good, but they are not suitable for the occasion through the use of each.

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