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An overview of the car winch
2016-12-07 by fromwinch
fromwinch heavy duty synthetic rope winch is a mechanical tool, it is by hand shake the winch drum to pull the goods. A gear-driven winch wire reel pulls the cargo by rotating a wire rope over it.
Car winch installation process to explain:
1, install the winch: open the package, remove the winch. Turn the hex head screw and shim from the end of the gear ax. Fix the nut on the handle to the trapezoidal turbine on the end of the gear ax so that the inside of the nut is close to the friction piece. Then tighten the screws and the shims.
2, the installation of winch rope: Loosen the fromwinch electric winches for 4x4 reel on the left side of the fixed plate hexagonal screws, from the rope and the oval head, square column screws, where the fixed plate. One end of the wire rope around the drum in a clockwise direction, the other end of the fence through the left that is long and round, curved holes. Exposed wire rope length should be 7-10 cm. Will have an oval head, square column of the screw from the inside out through the left side of the scroll hole. Place the wire rope around the reel, and then pull the wire rope around the reel. When the wire rope is wound around the reel, the wire rope is inserted into the fixing plate, then tightened and tightened with the hex nut, Maintain its tension).
3. Use three screws and nuts to secure the winch to the base. The base can withstand heavy loads.

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